Best of: Dominican Republic 2012/2013

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It has been years since we spent the holidays in my mother’s homeland of the Dominican Republic. Continue reading “Best of: Dominican Republic 2012/2013”

Where’s Mariana Moving Next? What I’ve Been Up To


Never in my life have I gone so long without a plan. Continue reading “Where’s Mariana Moving Next? What I’ve Been Up To”

Winter Wrap-Up

Well single reader, in a few short days I will pack my bags yet again and head westward. Between time spent at home in Florida, a month in the Dominican Republic, and ten weeks in Mexico, this winter turned out to be pretty amazing.

As per tradition, the end of the off-season calls for my annual slide show. Feel free to enjoy by clicking the box below.

Bavaro Hotel Review: Playa Turquesa

When looking for accommodations in the Punta Cana/Bavaro area, you won’t find yourself lacking for options. Famous for its array of all-inclusive resorts, there’s a place for every budget and need on this stretch of sand. But the idea of spending 4 weeks at an all-inclusive wasn’t appealing to my family and I, so we set our sights on finding a condo to rent. We wanted the flexibility to move around the area and have our own kitchen, but we still wanted resort-like amenities like pool and beach access. We found everything we needed at Playa Turquesa. Continue reading “Bavaro Hotel Review: Playa Turquesa”

Playa del Macao

Twenty minutes north of Bavaro you’ll find a strikingly different kind of Dominican beach. Continue reading “Playa del Macao”

How I Ended Up Working an Oscar de la Renta Fashion Show

In my past life (namely college) I worked several internships at public relations firms that put me in touch with a number of high end clients and in charge of a number of high profile events. It was exciting but utterly exhausting, and when I made the decision to stay at Canyonlands and not return to a job in the big city back in 2010, I thought I had left that world behind. I’ll admit that every now and then I’ve toyed with the idea of returning to that fast-paced scene, but never in a million years did I suspect I might collide with it in the context of the wonderfully slow-paced life I’ve been living for the past month here in the Dominican Republic. Continue reading “How I Ended Up Working an Oscar de la Renta Fashion Show”

Beaches, Blue Lagoons, & Swim-Up Bars in Cap Cana

On Christmas day our family group of 17 met inside the resort of Cap Cana to spend the day together at Juanillo Beach. Continue reading “Beaches, Blue Lagoons, & Swim-Up Bars in Cap Cana”

La Romana Hotel Review: Casa de Campo

When I was a kid, I spent many summer weeks in this sprawling resort project in the southeast portion of the country. A few days ago we went to visit family who were staying here and I got to revisit some old haunts. Continue reading “La Romana Hotel Review: Casa de Campo”

Revisiting the Magic at Altos de Chavon

The first time I can remember visiting Los Altos de Chavon was the summer before 5th grade. I was so completely enchanted by the cobblestone streets, the massive amphitheater, and the breathtaking views of the Chavon River below that I swore up and down that one day, I would get married here. Granted, at the time of the exclamation my marital fixation was Ron Weasley – a fictional character from the Harry Potter books – but the point is that even then I found this place to be incredibly, incredibly romantic. Continue reading “Revisiting the Magic at Altos de Chavon”

Punta Cana Hotel Review: Punta Cana Resort & Club

As you know if you’ve been keeping up with my past posts, my family and I have spent the past few weeks using Bavaro as our jump-off point for Dominican explorations. But on previous trips to the DR we have stayed at the Punta Cana Resort & Club, and since many members of my family are members of the club, we’ve come to this place on several occasions to enjoy their many amenities. Continue reading “Punta Cana Hotel Review: Punta Cana Resort & Club”