Ometepe: The Budget Buster


I was on the last leg of my time in Nicaragua, and getting worried that I was running out of days for a visit to the place I had heard the most glowing reviews of from other travelers in the area: Ometepe. Continue reading “Ometepe: The Budget Buster”

Death of a Camera


Like most days in Granada, it was hot. Continue reading “Death of a Camera”

Best of: Dominican Republic 2012/2013

DSCF1705 (2)

It has been years since we spent the holidays in my mother’s homeland of the Dominican Republic. Continue reading “Best of: Dominican Republic 2012/2013”

Surprises and Cenotes in Valladolid (or, How I Remembered that I’m Not a Good Biker)


Before arriving in Tulum and seeking out starting points for a day-trip to Chichen Itza, I had never heard of Valladolid. Austin had always planned to go there, of course, but I merely saw it as a stop on my way to one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Little did I know the charm, delight, and teeny bit of struggle that awaited me in this beautiful inland town. Continue reading “Surprises and Cenotes in Valladolid (or, How I Remembered that I’m Not a Good Biker)”

Beaches, Blue Lagoons, & Swim-Up Bars in Cap Cana

On Christmas day our family group of 17 met inside the resort of Cap Cana to spend the day together at Juanillo Beach. Continue reading “Beaches, Blue Lagoons, & Swim-Up Bars in Cap Cana”

A Place of Peace & Protection

A few days into our beaching routine, we decided to switch things up a bit by heading to the Punta Cana Resort & Club to explore their Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve. Continue reading “A Place of Peace & Protection”