Luxury & Compromise

After splashing around in the freshwater lagoons at the Ecological Park, we decided to go see my Aunt, who works at a high-end retail store located within the same resort. The intention was simply to tour the store, visit with my Aunt, and head out. But our group became quickly distracted by the gorgeous apparel with very high price tags. Continue reading “Luxury & Compromise”

A Place of Peace & Protection

A few days into our beaching routine, we decided to switch things up a bit by heading to the Punta Cana Resort & Club to explore their Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve. Continue reading “A Place of Peace & Protection”

My Top 12 Photos of 2012

What a year!

It started above 10,000 feet in the mountains near Leadville, CO – moved to the snowy red rock deserts of Utah – then up to the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde – home for a short but sweet visit to my native Florida – and is wrapping up beach-side in the gorgeous Dominican Republic. Side-trips to St. Louis and all over the American Southwest added even more adventures to this awesome life of mine. Continue reading “My Top 12 Photos of 2012”

The Beach at Bavaro: What Not to Wear

On our first full day in our new home-away-from-home my mom and I took a long walk on the beach and found ourselves in giggles. The beach at Bavaro is very different then the beaches we had just visited in the southwest. Boasting one of the longest stretches of white sand in the Caribbean, Bavaro has become home to a large number of all-inclusive resorts. And with the resorts come the people – people of all shapes, sizes, and sensibilities. Continue reading “The Beach at Bavaro: What Not to Wear”

My Life In Bavaro: A Heavenly Routine

After a week on the road through the big city and the southwest, everyone was pretty happy to finally unpack our suitcases at our sea-side condo in Bavaro – a sleepy fishing village turned bustling tourist town located 20 minutes north of my family’s residence in Punta Cana. It is from a balcony overlooking polished grounds, a fresh pool (with swim-up bar), and the Caribbean Sea, that I have been working on these blog posts. Continue reading “My Life In Bavaro: A Heavenly Routine”

Paraiso Hotel Review: Rancho Platon

Our initial plan when headed to the southwest and Peninsula de Pedernales was solely to use this mountainside retreat as a base for our explorations. But within an hour of our arrival we quickly canceled a day’s worth of plans in order to spend more time in this Never Never Land-like abode. Continue reading “Paraiso Hotel Review: Rancho Platon”

Southwestern Beaches: Bahia de la Aguilas y Los Patos

Of course an island nation that straddles the Caribbean and the Atlantic is going to be known for its beaches. And as a Florida native with Caribbean blood, I have seen a fair share of amazing sandy stretches by the sea. But on my first full day in this southwest section of the island I found myself quickly upping the standards for my own definition of a ‘beautiful beach.’ Continue reading “Southwestern Beaches: Bahia de la Aguilas y Los Patos”

Dominican Republic Travel: The Southwest

We had rented a van for our travels to and from Santo Domingo, and for some reason it turned out to be cheaper to rent the van for an entire week rather than the few days we initially wanted it for. So we decided to extend our trip an additional three days and add a cross-country drive to the Dominican southwest. Continue reading “Dominican Republic Travel: The Southwest”

Santo Domingo Hotel Review: Renaissance Jaragua Hotel

During our stay in Santo Domingo we chose the Renaissance Jaragua Hotel as our home-away-from-home for two primary reasons. First: it’s located on the Malecon, which meant being close to the ocean and a reasonable distance from most of the sights in the city. Second: my grandmother has a timeshare with Marriott so we could use her points here. Continue reading “Santo Domingo Hotel Review: Renaissance Jaragua Hotel”

Santo Domingo: El Mercado

On our second day in Santo Domingo we set out into the wilds of the city to brave el mercado, the city’s largest market. Vendors met our van on the street and helped us out the door while shouting hellos and pushing their wares. The Politur, the Dominican Police especially assigned to protect tourists, immediately stepped forward to clear our path into the old open-air building. I wasn’t sure if I should feel like a celebrity or a criminal, but it did get my heart beating a little faster. Continue reading “Santo Domingo: El Mercado”