Where I’m From

Recently I celebrated my one year Melbourne-versary – that is, the anniversary of my arrival in Melbourne one year ago. I came into this adventure hopeful, but unsure as to how I would cope living so far from home, and how I would do with this giant unknown. Over the last year however, Melbourne has completely won me over with her special southern charms. I’m all settled into life down under these days. Continue reading “Where I’m From”

Best of: Camino de Santiago, 2011


The Camino de Santiago was my first ever solo travel adventure. Continue reading “Best of: Camino de Santiago, 2011”

Where’s Mariana Moving Next? What I’ve Been Up To


Never in my life have I gone so long without a plan. Continue reading “Where’s Mariana Moving Next? What I’ve Been Up To”

10 Months and 6 Days Later

September 22, 2011, in some ways, was the biggest day of my life.

It was the day I got on a plane to Spain. Continue reading “10 Months and 6 Days Later”

Update: Healing and Housing and Snow

Once again, it’s been quite a while since my last update. I think I was waiting for some big news or event. The truth is that life has been pretty quiet since the November festivities died down. My days have more or less revolved around two things: healing my very stubborn feet and ankles, and trying to find a place to live for the season. Continue reading “Update: Healing and Housing and Snow”

Fabulous Fall

Well single reader, I have been neglecting this blog pretty severely since my arrival in Santiago. A lot has happened since then – a mind boggling week in Madrid, a magical 4 days in Disney World, my 23rd birthday, a big fat Thanksgiving, lots of reunions, showing A and his family around Florida, and plenty of R&R for my poor pained feet.

Now I am back in Colorado and if the snow piling outside my window is any indication, fall is officially over.

It was such an amazing few months that I am having trouble organizing it all in my head. Maybe I’ll make an attempt at story-telling later, maybe not. But I have spent the last few snowed-in days creating my annual seasonal video.

So here it is, my best attempt at articulating my fabulous fall. Enjoy 🙂

Guest Post! Mom’s Camino Experience


Well aren’t you folks in for a treat today! I have convinced my mother (the famous, award winning author – yeah, that one) to write a guest post for my blog chronicling her Camino experience. What you read below are her words. Enjoy! Continue reading “Guest Post! Mom’s Camino Experience”

It’s About Time: Camino de Santiago -The Final Day

Sorry about the delay all! But between being totally overwhelmed with everything that is Madrid and then totally exhausted from the trip home, I’ve totally failed at writing my promised account of that final day. So here we go… Continue reading “It’s About Time: Camino de Santiago -The Final Day”

Santiago de Compostela

We made it!

By the time we got to the cathedral I was pretty sure I´d never be dry or warm again, but WE MADE IT!!!

So that´s the important news. Unfortunately I´m a bit drained for a proper post so this will be all for now. But I promise once I´m home to write up a nice description of the day so you can shiver along vicariously like mom and I did all day.

We´ll be here in Santiago until Friday or Saturday (not sure which exactly), then off to Madrid! As usual, I´ll try and keep you posted. Thanks so much to all who commented on these posts during this journey for your amazing support. You are all beautiful, wonderful people.

13 Miles to Santiago


Vega de Valcarce

100 miles to Santiago

Tonight I sit almost exactly 100 miles from Santiago. That means I´ve come 400. That´s insane. Continue reading “13 Miles to Santiago”