Bavaro Hotel Review: Playa Turquesa

When looking for accommodations in the Punta Cana/Bavaro area, you won’t find yourself lacking for options. Famous for its array of all-inclusive resorts, there’s a place for every budget and need on this stretch of sand. But the idea of spending 4 weeks at an all-inclusive wasn’t appealing to my family and I, so we set our sights on finding a condo to rent. We wanted the flexibility to move around the area and have our own kitchen, but we still wanted resort-like amenities like pool and beach access. We found everything we needed at Playa Turquesa. Continue reading “Bavaro Hotel Review: Playa Turquesa”

Monsoon Season Pt 2

Well folks, it seems I just about successfully lived through my second monsoon season out here in the desert (read about my first one here). While last year I mourned the lost of the dry, warm summer – this year the rains couldn’t come soon enough! You see, my job at Canyonlands last year required only a few hours a day in the outdoors. And when I was outside I was permitted to wear shorts. For some reason or other our supervisors here at Mesa Verde have forbidden us the luxury of cropped trousers, so we are made to suffer through the heat in our full length, wool (yes, wool) pants. Combine this silly rule with only 30 minutes or so a day of air conditioning (if you’re lucky) and pretty much non-stop strenuous activity and you get for some very smelly and sweaty rangers. I’ll give a tour in the pouring rain any day over one of Cliff Palace in the afternoon sun. Continue reading “Monsoon Season Pt 2”

Starlight, Star Bright Pt 2

Since moving out west, I have learned the true meaning of a starry night (see my older post on stars here). These days, I have the advantage of living at the bottom of a high-placed canyon (elevation of about 8000 ft), and a large window with a bed pushed right up to it. This wasn’t actually my choice, as that’s where the bed was sitting when I arrived and the frame was so old and rickety I couldn’t move it, but an advantage to this is a pretty incredible view of the sky as I fall asleep. Continue reading “Starlight, Star Bright Pt 2”

Why I Will Never Fly American Airlines Again

The line behind me at the American Airlines rebooking counter. I was about halfway at this point.

This post is long overdue, but the fact that I’m still angry enough to write about the incident a month and a half after it occurred definitely says something.

It took me three days, four airports, and two airlines to get home from spring break. This is my sad, sad story. Continue reading “Why I Will Never Fly American Airlines Again”