Day 1 in Leon


You guys! I’m in Nicaragua! And it’s amazing! Continue reading “Day 1 in Leon”

Coming Home: The List


Buying that plane ticket home from Mexico was bittersweet. Continue reading “Coming Home: The List”

Dirty, Dangerous, Mexico City


As our trip neared its end, Austin and I found ourselves on yet another long bus ride. Continue reading “Dirty, Dangerous, Mexico City”

Mitla & Monte Alban: Oaxaca’s Ancient Cities


When I booked my plane ticket to Mexico last fall I knew a little bit about ancient Mexico. Continue reading “Mitla & Monte Alban: Oaxaca’s Ancient Cities”

My Love Affair with Oaxaca


It really wasn’t very long ago that I had never heard of the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Continue reading “My Love Affair with Oaxaca”

The #1 Danger of Travel


When I started telling my friends and family I was going to walk the Camino de Santiago solo, I got a lot of raised eyebrows. Continue reading “The #1 Danger of Travel”

Keeping Warm in San Cristobal de las Casas


This is going to sound strange, but upon our evening arrival to the mountain town of San Cristobal de las Casas, all I could think about was my doctor’s receptionist. Continue reading “Keeping Warm in San Cristobal de las Casas”

The Truth About Merida


One of my favorite guilty pleasures is to watch the show House Hunters: International on HGTV. I’m not going to lie, it’s kind of my dream to one day be featured in an episode. In any case, my introduction to Merida was while watching this show one fall day after Thanksgiving a few years ago. I distinctly remember feasting on leftovers on my parents’ couch while watching a couple navigate a number of beautiful colonial homes located on sunny spotless streets. I remember a scene where the couple negotiated a price for some pleasant-looking fruit on some lazy day with a smiling old lady. It looked so charming and perfect, I inserted myself into the scenes immediately and knew that one day, I’d have to check in for a visit. Continue reading “The Truth About Merida”

Revisiting the Magic at Altos de Chavon

The first time I can remember visiting Los Altos de Chavon was the summer before 5th grade. I was so completely enchanted by the cobblestone streets, the massive amphitheater, and the breathtaking views of the Chavon River below that I swore up and down that one day, I would get married here. Granted, at the time of the exclamation my marital fixation was Ron Weasley – a fictional character from the Harry Potter books – but the point is that even then I found this place to be incredibly, incredibly romantic. Continue reading “Revisiting the Magic at Altos de Chavon”

Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial

Founded in 1496 by Christopher Columbus’s brother Bartholomew, Santo Domingo is considered today to be the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the Americas. It was the first seat of the Spanish colonial rule during their settlement of the new world and served as the launching point for a number of famous expeditions including those of Ponce De Leon, Diego Velazquez de Cuellar, Hernando Cortes, and Vasco Nunez de Balboa. It’s also a survivor, enduring hurricanes, pirates (Francis Drake captured the city in 1586 and held it for ransom), battles, invasions, occupations by France and Haiti, trades, dictators, and oppressive poverty. Continue reading “Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial”