Best of: Dominican Republic 2012/2013

DSCF1705 (2)

It has been years since we spent the holidays in my mother’s homeland of the Dominican Republic. Continue reading “Best of: Dominican Republic 2012/2013”

Best of: Mexico 2013


Thinking about the three months Austin and I spent backpacking through southern Mexico in 2013 makes my heart soar. Continue reading “Best of: Mexico 2013”

New Orleans Part 1: Spooked


It was early afternoon on our last full day in New Orleans, and I was wandering Lafayette Cemetery #1. Continue reading “New Orleans Part 1: Spooked”

Adventure to Chaco Canyon


If you haven’t heard of Chaco Canyon, you should look it up. I mean it. Right now. Continue reading “Adventure to Chaco Canyon”

My First Negative Visitor Comment Card (Thank You for Your Sunshine)


Not including private notes, my first season at Mesa Verde I received eight positive visitor comments on an official comment form available at the front desk of most of Mesa Verde’s public buildings. Continue reading “My First Negative Visitor Comment Card (Thank You for Your Sunshine)”

Coming Home: The List


Buying that plane ticket home from Mexico was bittersweet. Continue reading “Coming Home: The List”

Mexico Grand Finale: Teotihuacan


Teotihuacan was one of the few places I knew I wanted to visit when embarking on this trip to Mexico. Continue reading “Mexico Grand Finale: Teotihuacan”

Mitla & Monte Alban: Oaxaca’s Ancient Cities


When I booked my plane ticket to Mexico last fall I knew a little bit about ancient Mexico. Continue reading “Mitla & Monte Alban: Oaxaca’s Ancient Cities”

Headed to El Panchan? Stay at Margarita & Ed’s


Somewhere on the road between the town of Palenque and the ruins of Palenque is a funny little place called El Panchan. It’s a travelers’ compound, made up of clusters of rooms and cabanas hidden behind big leaves and giant trees run by four or five different operators. Somehow amongst the ramshackle accommodation typical of the area Austin and I found ourselves in a spotless studio opening up directly to the jungle. Continue reading “Headed to El Panchan? Stay at Margarita & Ed’s”

Pictures of Palenque

Deep in the Mexican jungle, where the mountains meet the plains, there was once a great city of the Mayan civilization. Continue reading “Pictures of Palenque”