Where I’m From

Recently I celebrated my one year Melbourne-versary – that is, the anniversary of my arrival in Melbourne one year ago. I came into this adventure hopeful, but unsure as to how I would cope living so far from home, and how I would do with this giant unknown. Over the last year however, Melbourne has completely won me over with her special southern charms. I’m all settled into life down under these days. Continue reading “Where I’m From”

Moved In and Looking Back: It All Worked Out

Sunset view from our cabin inside Rocky Mountain National Park

My flight from Florida back to Colorado left at a painfully early hour, and after a long flight and a longer drive from the airport, I arrived at Austin and I’s mountainside cabin completely and utterly exhausted. Continue reading “Moved In and Looking Back: It All Worked Out”

Where’s Mariana Moving Next? What I’ve Been Up To


Never in my life have I gone so long without a plan. Continue reading “Where’s Mariana Moving Next? What I’ve Been Up To”

Update: Mountain Life & OH YEAH I’M GOING TO JAPAN!

Train tickets? Check!
Train tickets? Check!

Well hello single reader! How is your year going? Continue reading “Update: Mountain Life & OH YEAH I’M GOING TO JAPAN!”

My Top 12 Photos of 2012

What a year!

It started above 10,000 feet in the mountains near Leadville, CO – moved to the snowy red rock deserts of Utah – then up to the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde – home for a short but sweet visit to my native Florida – and is wrapping up beach-side in the gorgeous Dominican Republic. Side-trips to St. Louis and all over the American Southwest added even more adventures to this awesome life of mine. Continue reading “My Top 12 Photos of 2012”

Spooky Stories

Happy Halloween single reader!

I love Halloween because it means the holiday season has officially begun. And I always get myself into the spirit by spending way too much time reading scary stories and giving myself nightmares. I have a bit of an overactive imagination and because of that I limit myself by only indulging my morbid curiosities during the month of October. So since I’ve spent the majority of this month sleepless anyway, I figure it’s about time that I share with you some of my spookiest stories. Continue reading “Spooky Stories”

Winter & Spring

Well, my car is packed, and the only thing keeping me from moving to Mesa Verde at this moment is my own procrastination. This is why I figured now would be the perfect time to put together my annual seasonal slideshow. Enjoy!



The snow gods have been blessing us hugely in the past 3 days which has made for some amazing conditions I just couldn’t stay inside for. And guess what, I’m feeling a semblance of my old self again! There’s still pain but with a little help from my good friend ibuprofin (doses of 800 thanks to my Spanish leftovers) I am not only skiing again but skiing well! After months of disappointment, this feels good, and this all couldn’t come soon enough since I leave for Canyonlands in less than a week! Continue reading “Denver”


A few weeks ago a good friend came to town, and with him came a connection to a guy who owned a backcountry hut up by the continental divide. Once invited, A and I were psyched about the chance for an overnight adventure. There was only one problem: just days before I had finally seen a podiatrist about my still sore foot/ankle situation, and he had put me on a strict regime of advil, ice, and no unnecessary physical activity for the next week. The hut was only available for one night during the time our friend was in town, so we were faced with a decision: figure out a way to get me to that hut without ‘unnecessary physical activity,’ or skip it. Not one to back down from a challenge, the guys put there heads together and came up with a plan: people use sleds to haul gear into the backcountry all the time, why not use it for me? Continue reading “Misadventure”

Where I’m Going

Writing in front of the fire on this chilly Colorado evening makes me happy it’s winter. And since I’m generally a warm weather girl, that is a very good thing. Continue reading “Where I’m Going”