The Best Day of My Life: Our Winter Mountain Wedding

So, I have a confession.

I was one of those girls.

You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones with the secret Pinterest boards. The ones who binge watch all the wedding reality shows on TV. The ones who dream about their wedding – the dress, the setting, the ring, the guy – their whole lives.

I know it’s very cliche and unoriginal, but it was me. Continue reading “The Best Day of My Life: Our Winter Mountain Wedding”

Where I’m From

Recently I celebrated my one year Melbourne-versary – that is, the anniversary of my arrival in Melbourne one year ago. I came into this adventure hopeful, but unsure as to how I would cope living so far from home, and how I would do with this giant unknown. Over the last year however, Melbourne has completely won me over with her special southern charms. I’m all settled into life down under these days. Continue reading “Where I’m From”

[Featured Post] A Long Distance Love Story

The first picture Tom and I ever took together at Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

The first time I met Tom we were in the living room of the house I had just moved out of in Granada, Nicaragua. I had been in the country for about a month already, but had been in Granada volunteering with La Esperanza for only 2 weeks. The house had four bedrooms shared between 16 volunteers from all over the world. Living there was a great way to meet people, but my nerves were a bit frazzled by the party-like atmosphere and the ever-growing pile of dirty dishes in the sink. So as soon as the opportunity arose, I moved out to a smaller house a few blocks away. Continue reading “[Featured Post] A Long Distance Love Story”



While I’m almost finished recounting my two weeks in New Zealand on this blog, my love affair with this country has only just begun. Continue reading “GO ALL BLACKS!”

The Future of Mariana ‘On the Move’


Watching the snow fall the last few days in Colorado has been bittersweet. Continue reading “The Future of Mariana ‘On the Move’”

A + M 4E


(Yes, yes. This is a silly photo and this post was meant to be sarcastic.)

October 13th, 2011

Mazarife, Spain

Email between Austin and I during my time on the Camino de Santiago:

Mariana –

“There is graffiti all over the walls in this albuergue. My bunk feels a lot like summer camp. I sat for a while trying to think of something witty or meaningful to write on the wall. But I was too hungry to be poetic so instead I wrote ´Austin + Mariana 4Ever !!!!´ Now you can never dump me because our relationship has been immortalized as one that lasts forever on the bottom right bunk of room 3 in this albuergue. So there!”

Austin –

“M + A 4E.  Nice, you’re 12.”

We’d been dating a year and a half by that point. I was 22. Continue reading “A + M 4E”

To Teach or to do ‘Something More’?


Earlier this year I found myself laboring over what to do with my life. Continue reading “To Teach or to do ‘Something More’?”

Just Around the River Bend [PhotoEssay]


Because sometimes a Disney Princess provides a much more poetic narrative… Continue reading “Just Around the River Bend [PhotoEssay]”

Update: Mountain Life & OH YEAH I’M GOING TO JAPAN!

Train tickets? Check!
Train tickets? Check!

Well hello single reader! How is your year going? Continue reading “Update: Mountain Life & OH YEAH I’M GOING TO JAPAN!”

Merry Christmas!


Man! Time sure does fly! Continue reading “Merry Christmas!”