Fall and Winter

At the end of last summer I posted a short video with pictures set to music of my summer. I explained how making a commemorative slideshow at the end of each season is a little tradition I’ve had with myself since college. To see that post, click here.

I got lazy last fall and winter. But as lately I’ve found myself without television and internet and therefore much more time, I decided to combine the two seasons and keep my own tradition alive.


The Things Kids Say

3/27/11 – 9:02am

Still sitting in the living room at Canyonlands. Still waiting for the sun to do it’s job. Still reflecting on my time in Summit County. There is one post I always wanted to write, but never got around to, and that is one documenting all the funny things my kids have said. I probably can’t even remember a quarter of them. I can’t think of a single day that something hilarious was said that I should have written down. But here are some that I can remember: Continue reading “The Things Kids Say”

Catching Up

3/27/11 – 8:51am

I wouldn’t feel right delving into my newest adventures without writing at least once more about my time in the mountains. I truly wish I had written more there, but as wonderful as it was everything about my job was so exhausting that I had little energy to write at the end of my days. There are things that I’ll miss and things that I won’t. Here’s a list of both: Continue reading “Catching Up”

Dreaming of Spring…

It is the eve of my three-day, Professional Ski Instructors of America certifying exam. While I should be concerned with the movement analysis of bend, twist and edge; while my mind should be preoccupied with the definitions of flexion, extension, rotary and edging – tonight,  I find myself distracted Continue reading “Dreaming of Spring…”

Mountains + Clouds

My experience in Colorado has been so different from Canyonlands in many ways. Really, they’re similar only that my jobs both primarily involve/d interacting with and teaching people, and of course, that I’m once again in a spectacularly beautiful and natural setting. But the way I’ve experienced this place is so different. Most of the epic sceneries I’ve witnessed have either been while driving in the car to and from work, or at work itself, rather than on foot as was the case in Utah. Unfortunately, neither of these opportunities allows for very efficient photo taking (and even at moments that do allow such a chance, the sub-freezing temperatures often discourage me from pulling the fingers necessary out of a warm glove to snap the shot), so after a month and a half in this place I have very little physical evidence to show for it. Continue reading “Mountains + Clouds”

How to Grow

In my old life, these first few days of the new year would have been especially frustrating. For one, the transition from the holidays to regular-old-winter-cold is usually a pretty depressing one for me, and I loathe the chores that come with undecorating. It’s a bit of a psychological punch in the gut if you ask me – just a tedious task that serves as a reminder that some of the most magical times of the year are over. Continue reading “How to Grow”


Over Christmas dinner the other night, my boyfriend’s parents asked me how I was adjusting to the altitude and weather. I chuckled and told them that I was doing great, and that that was somewhat surprising because at the start of winter for the past 4 years I’ve been taken down by a crippling, rare strain of strep throat. But not this year! I laughed. It must be my new frame of mind, my blossoming athleticism, or the crisp mountain air. Continue reading “Wellness”