Over Christmas dinner the other night, my boyfriend’s parents asked me how I was adjusting to the altitude and weather. I chuckled and told them that I was doing great, and that that was somewhat surprising because at the start of winter for the past 4 years I’ve been taken down by a crippling, rare strain of strep throat. But not this year! I laughed. It must be my new frame of mind, my blossoming athleticism, or the crisp mountain air.

The next morning I woke up with a sore throat. And haven’t been to work since. I will never mock this wintertime sickness again.

Ah well. On the bright side, being confined to the couch has left me with a little more free time than usual. So I figured I might as well update this little blog.

On the topic of wellness (or unwellness, I guess), there is one thing I have recently discovered and thought might be nice to share with you all: I would not be able to survive up here without yoga. I’ve found practicing it for an hour every day after work is the only way to keep from waking up the next morning too sore to move. I’ve been playing around with yoga since high school, but have kept from getting too serious about it until now. This was mostly due to a lack of time and motivation. The problem of the world, eh?

I’m no pro at this stuff – I’ve never even been to a class. In fact, the idea of practicing yoga with a room full of other people seems to me kind of counterproductive. I’d be way too preoccupied with how funny I looked or the weird noises I was making to ever relax and enjoy. So from the start I’ve been a big fan of work-out dvds. I’ve tried pretty much every one in the book – not just yoga – but pilates, strength training, cardio… even kickboxing. They were all okay, but I had trouble staying motivated with the same routines, and I found a lot of the videos a bit unrealistic in that they often contained exercises that were way too easy or difficult (commonly both in the same segment). Plus, as a beginner to many of these sports, I found time and time again that there was not enough explanation, and I became uncomfortable with the idea that I might hurt myself while straining to see the TV or keep up with a new move. So at times (especially Mondays), I got pretty lazy about those work-outs.

But I’ve recently stumbled upon a fantastic website called Yoga Today. The site consists of hundreds of sessions for all levels and motivations led by one of three yoga instructors and often taking place in a beautiful setting like Grand Teton National Park or Sedona, Arizona. The teachers are AMAZING at keeping your mind where it needs to be, and every class has a theme (ex: turning negatives into positives, grace and beauty) so that you’re not only feeling physically great, but you are in an amazing mind-frame as well. And the best part about it all? It’s cheap! Most yoga dvds will cost you somewhere to the tune of twenty bucks, but Yoga Today offers a free weekly class that you can stream as many times as you like. If you really like that video or want more, you can download that or others for only four dollars. Totally affordable even for a poor gal like me. There are other membership options that allow unlimited videos for a monthly fee, but I find 3 or 4 classes plus the free weekly class is enough variety for me.

Anyway, practicing with Yoga Today has done wonders for me, and is a great resource for anyone who might be interested in giving yoga a try. To find out more, you can go to http://yogatoday.com/. I’ve also included a little sample video you can see below of an abbreviated class:

Adi is a bit lingo heavy in this particular session and focuses more on the physical aspects of practice, but it’s just a little glimpse into what a full-hour class is like. And as you can see most of it is totally doable even for a beginner.

Give it a try! And if you do, let me know how it goes. 🙂

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