Catching Up

3/27/11 – 8:51am

I wouldn’t feel right delving into my newest adventures without writing at least once more about my time in the mountains. I truly wish I had written more there, but as wonderful as it was everything about my job was so exhausting that I had little energy to write at the end of my days. There are things that I’ll miss and things that I won’t. Here’s a list of both:

Things I’ll miss

My kids (most of them)

The funny things my kids say


The sunsets from my balcony

The sunrises from my balcony

My co-workers

[one of] My supervisors


Being able to eat whatever I want due to accidental-over-exercise

The drive to work (see photo below)

The drive from work

Living with my best friend

Our apartment

The mountains

Things I will not miss

My kids’ parents (most of them)

Having to be ready 45 minutes early every morning so I have time to clean off the snow and ice on my car

The snow and ice on the roads

Not being able to drive with the windows down

Temperatures below freezing

Having to work in a blizzard (while supervising up to eight 3-6 year olds)

Our apartment’s banging pipes

This horrible cold-induced cough I have been suffering from for the last month and a half (please dry desert air, cure me of this ailment!)

Just some of the many mountains that watched over my morning and afternoon commute

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