Dreaming of Spring…

It is the eve of my three-day, Professional Ski Instructors of America certifying exam. While I should be concerned with the movement analysis of bend, twist and edge; while my mind should be preoccupied with the definitions of flexion, extension, rotary and edging – tonight,  I find myself distracted

Today I booked the plane tickets that made it official that I only have a few weeks left in this beautiful place. I feel like I haven’t done an adequate job in keeping this blog up during my time here. I love teaching children how to ski, I love the natural beauty of these mountains, but it’s been a very different experience than my summer and fall in Canyonlands. Here, work is my one great adventure. The children are my overwhelming challenge. And I truly have enjoyed every second of it. But I miss the adventures that the warm weather allows me. I love that I have had the chance to continue to work outdoors all winter, but the temperature has often gotten the best of me, and kept me inside on my days off rather than out exploring the mountains I came here to enjoy. When I did get out, it was to enjoy the ski slopes, not the wilderness. I’m not complaining, that’s what I wanted and probably needed after 5 months of endless adventure in the desert. But now I am feeling that itch to explore again. I can’t wait until the snow melts and I can dig out my hiking boots, still stained red from their last incredible journey.

Feeling nostalgic this afternoon, I wound up on the blog of my great friend and old roommate from Canyonlands, and came upon an entry about a hike we did together, probably one of my favorite of all time. Kathryn captures her adventures so beautifully in her pictures in writing, that I felt I had no choice but to share her post with you.

Read about our 10-mile hike in the Needles District of Canyonlands here: http://arches.wordpress.com/2010/08/11/peekaboo-springs-needles-packed-with-surprises/

Well, until my next adventure then…

Kathryn, Julia and I explore a slot canyon on the white rim, deep in the backcountry of Canyonlands NP

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