Photos of Life at Escuela Pablo Antonio Cuadra


Growing up in Florida, I didn’t get snow days. Continue reading “Photos of Life at Escuela Pablo Antonio Cuadra”

My Top 12 Photos of 2012

What a year!

It started above 10,000 feet in the mountains near Leadville, CO – moved to the snowy red rock deserts of Utah – then up to the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde – home for a short but sweet visit to my native Florida – and is wrapping up beach-side in the gorgeous Dominican Republic. Side-trips to St. Louis and all over the American Southwest added even more adventures to this awesome life of mine. Continue reading “My Top 12 Photos of 2012”

Why I Haven’t Applied to Grad School… Yet

Well, my time here in Florida is coming to an end, and as excited as I am to head out on my first of many wintertime adventures, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by my long list of to-dos that never quite got done. At the top of that list: my grad school applications. Continue reading “Why I Haven’t Applied to Grad School… Yet”