Moved In and Looking Back: It All Worked Out

Sunset view from our cabin inside Rocky Mountain National Park

My flight from Florida back to Colorado left at a painfully early hour, and after a long flight and a longer drive from the airport, I arrived at Austin and I’s mountainside cabin completely and utterly exhausted. Continue reading “Moved In and Looking Back: It All Worked Out”



It’s officially spring in Colorado right now. And for those not versed in mountain life, let me clue you in: spring doesn’t actually bring all that many flowers. Continue reading “Recharged”

Where’s Mariana Moving Next? What I’ve Been Up To


Never in my life have I gone so long without a plan. Continue reading “Where’s Mariana Moving Next? What I’ve Been Up To”

New Orleans Part 5: Photo Blog

While I feel I’ve gotten all of my words about our amazing week in New Orleans out, there are still a lot of amazing photos taken by Austin that I’m itching to share. Consider this our NOLA grand finale! Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading “New Orleans Part 5: Photo Blog”

New Orleans Part 4: by Night


While New Orleans is certainly a beautiful city to explore by day, I found that it was really at night that the city came into its own – so much so that A and I often found ourselves stumbling back to our hotel in the wee hours of the morning. Continue reading “New Orleans Part 4: by Night”

New Orleans Part 3: by Day


Most of our days in New Orleans started fairly late out of necessity (more on that later). Continue reading “New Orleans Part 3: by Day”

New Orleans Part 2: Stuffed


I love food. I can’t seem to travel many places without food being my focus. Continue reading “New Orleans Part 2: Stuffed”

New Orleans Part 1: Spooked


It was early afternoon on our last full day in New Orleans, and I was wandering Lafayette Cemetery #1. Continue reading “New Orleans Part 1: Spooked”

New Orleans Sneak Peek and Some Very Exciting News!!


We are back from a fabulous week in New Orleans! Continue reading “New Orleans Sneak Peek and Some Very Exciting News!!”

Sailing with Disney on The Dream


How do I begin to describe my 5 days with Disney on their gorgeous ship, The Dream? Continue reading “Sailing with Disney on The Dream”