How has 5 months gone by so quickly?? 5 months with no new content on this blog. It turns out moving and getting to a know a new job, city, and country takes a lot out of you. Continue reading “2016”

5 Reasons to go BACK to Walt Disney World


After finishing grad school, I knew I wanted to go home to decompress for a while. I wasn’t ready to head straight to Melbourne or do any sort of crazy celebratory trip. I just wanted to work on letting the stress of school leave my body by doing as little as possible for a few weeks.

But I knew there was one thing I had to do before leaving the Northern Hemsiphere for a while: I had to go back to Disney World. Continue reading “5 Reasons to go BACK to Walt Disney World”

Photo Blog: Under the Sea


These photos were taken using Austin’s Fuji FinePix XP50 (I’ve got one too, they’re awesome for underwater shots/general adventures where you wouldn’t want to take a nicer camera) during our snorkeling excursion in Nassau while cruising with the Disney Dream. Continue reading “Photo Blog: Under the Sea”

Sailing with Disney on The Dream


How do I begin to describe my 5 days with Disney on their gorgeous ship, The Dream? Continue reading “Sailing with Disney on The Dream”

Sneak Peek at The Disney Dream


Hello single reader! I have just returned from a lovely, magical time cruising the Bahamas on the Disney Dream. Continue reading “Sneak Peek at The Disney Dream”

The Happiest Place on Earth


I’m a Disney kid. Through and through. Continue reading “The Happiest Place on Earth”