My First Negative Visitor Comment Card (Thank You for Your Sunshine)


Not including private notes, my first season at Mesa Verde I received eight positive visitor comments on an official comment form available at the front desk of most of Mesa Verde’s public buildings. Continue reading “My First Negative Visitor Comment Card (Thank You for Your Sunshine)”

Saying Goodbye to Canyonlands

The view from 313, the road to the Island in the Sky

Well, I’m all moved in here at beautiful Mesa Verde National Park, but before I delve into the stories of my third season here, I wanted to write about a recent trip Austin and I made a few weekends ago. Continue reading “Saying Goodbye to Canyonlands”

My Top 12 Photos of 2012

What a year!

It started above 10,000 feet in the mountains near Leadville, CO – moved to the snowy red rock deserts of Utah – then up to the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde – home for a short but sweet visit to my native Florida – and is wrapping up beach-side in the gorgeous Dominican Republic. Side-trips to St. Louis and all over the American Southwest added even more adventures to this awesome life of mine. Continue reading “My Top 12 Photos of 2012”

Aztec Ruins

The GRE is done! Horrah! I’m still waiting on the final scores but I can’t tell you what a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. So when it came time to decide what to do with myself this past weekend only one thought came to my mind: new. I want to go someplace new. Continue reading “Aztec Ruins”

In Honor of Black History Month

I love my job. But it’s easy to feel discouraged, frustrated, and downright neglected from the powers that be and the community I strive to serve. Videos like this remind me how worthwhile it all is and make my heart happy. Watch it. By the end I bet it will make your heart happy too.

Fabulous Fall

Well single reader, I have been neglecting this blog pretty severely since my arrival in Santiago. A lot has happened since then – a mind boggling week in Madrid, a magical 4 days in Disney World, my 23rd birthday, a big fat Thanksgiving, lots of reunions, showing A and his family around Florida, and plenty of R&R for my poor pained feet.

Now I am back in Colorado and if the snow piling outside my window is any indication, fall is officially over.

It was such an amazing few months that I am having trouble organizing it all in my head. Maybe I’ll make an attempt at story-telling later, maybe not. But I have spent the last few snowed-in days creating my annual seasonal video.

So here it is, my best attempt at articulating my fabulous fall. Enjoy 🙂

Canyonlands Adventures

Alright, alright – I promised to make an attempt at updating on some of the things I’ve been up to since returning to Canyonlands, so here goes my best abbreviated attempt. Continue reading “Canyonlands Adventures”

Baby Bro in Canyonlands

I’ve been telling people to come visit me since the moment I stepped foot in this place, more for their sake than mine, and last week in one day I got the news that I would soon have not one but two visitors – a good friend at the end of this month, and my baby brother this past weekend. Continue reading “Baby Bro in Canyonlands”

Mesa Verde

My days off have been all over the place lately. Usually they are Sunday/Monday, but due to some seasonal staff rotation they’ve recently been changed to Monday/Tuesday. The past few weeks have been especially strange in addition to this change, as I gave up a day off for a 3-day weekend two weeks ago, and covered for a co-worker this last weekend, causing my days off to be Monday/Thursday.

So as I sat at breakfast Wednesday morning, I pondered out loud to my tablemate what I should do with my odd day off.

“Want to go to Colorado?” he said.

“Sure, let’s go to Mesa Verde.” Continue reading “Mesa Verde”