Paraiso Hotel Review: Rancho Platon

Our initial plan when headed to the southwest and Peninsula de Pedernales was solely to use this mountainside retreat as a base for our explorations. But within an hour of our arrival we quickly canceled a day’s worth of plans in order to spend more time in this Never Never Land-like abode. Continue reading “Paraiso Hotel Review: Rancho Platon”

Southwestern Beaches: Bahia de la Aguilas y Los Patos

Of course an island nation that straddles the Caribbean and the Atlantic is going to be known for its beaches. And as a Florida native with Caribbean blood, I have seen a fair share of amazing sandy stretches by the sea. But on my first full day in this southwest section of the island I found myself quickly upping the standards for my own definition of a ‘beautiful beach.’ Continue reading “Southwestern Beaches: Bahia de la Aguilas y Los Patos”