New Zealand South Island: The 1 Week Road Trip Itinerary

It’s no secret, single reader, that I am not a speedy traveler. My natural pace tends to be slow, and I have been so blessed in the past with the time to stay and explore. When given the option, I would much rather spend a week really getting to know one place, as opposed to moving every night in order to cram as much of a region into my visit as possible.

But life doesn’t always give you that option, does it? Continue reading “New Zealand South Island: The 1 Week Road Trip Itinerary”

Views from the Great Ocean Road

Road trip selfie!

This blog has been sorely, sorely neglected – and it’s not for lack of content! I’ve been travelling loads this year, but between work and wedding planning, I’ve been kept away from my old hobby.

Well, it’s officially spring break here in Melbourne, and I’m determined to update you all at least a little bit! Continue reading “Views from the Great Ocean Road”

Where I’m From

Recently I celebrated my one year Melbourne-versary – that is, the anniversary of my arrival in Melbourne one year ago. I came into this adventure hopeful, but unsure as to how I would cope living so far from home, and how I would do with this giant unknown. Over the last year however, Melbourne has completely won me over with her special southern charms. I’m all settled into life down under these days. Continue reading “Where I’m From”

My Favorite Melbourne (So Far)


Where has time gone??

I cannot believe it has been almost 8 months since I’ve landed in Melbourne. Moving across the planet and settling in to live down under has taken some time. But difficulties aside, I fall in love with Melbourne more and more every day. Here are just some of the many ways Melbourne has captured my heart (so far): Continue reading “My Favorite Melbourne (So Far)”



How has 5 months gone by so quickly?? 5 months with no new content on this blog. It turns out moving and getting to a know a new job, city, and country takes a lot out of you. Continue reading “2016”

[Guest Series] 7 Days in Iceland: The Ring Road Itinerary

Just joining us? You can read Philipp and Helena’s introduction, as well as their tips for getting started in planning your Ring Road journey here. – Mariana

Philipp & Helena at the peak of the Hverfell volcano
Philipp & Helena at the peak of the Hverfell volcano

One of the major advantages of Iceland in the summer are the long nights. Even in the middle of the night the sunlight never disappears. At 3 or 4 am you still see as you would during a sunset’s twilight in Europe or Northern America. If you get distracted along the way far from your hotel, you can take advantage of the long days and still drive late at night – this happened to us multiple times. Continue reading “[Guest Series] 7 Days in Iceland: The Ring Road Itinerary”

5 Reasons to go BACK to Walt Disney World


After finishing grad school, I knew I wanted to go home to decompress for a while. I wasn’t ready to head straight to Melbourne or do any sort of crazy celebratory trip. I just wanted to work on letting the stress of school leave my body by doing as little as possible for a few weeks.

But I knew there was one thing I had to do before leaving the Northern Hemsiphere for a while: I had to go back to Disney World. Continue reading “5 Reasons to go BACK to Walt Disney World”

[Guest Series] 7 Days in Iceland:Meet Philipp & Helena + 8 Tips For Planning Your Trip on the Ring Road

Greetings readers! As things have been pretty slow on the blog here lately, I thought I’d hand over the reigns for a post or two to some of my well-traveled loved ones. I’ll let Philipp and Helena introduce themselves, but suffice it to say that they recently returned from a pretty spectacular week in Iceland. Over the next few days they’ll be sharing with you photos and advice from their adventure. I’ll be adding some updates of my own in the near future, but in the meantime – enjoy! -Mariana

Helena & Philipp at Skaftafellsjokull glacier

After using the blogs of so many other travelers out there to plan our very special trip to the land of glaciers, fjords and waterfalls – we thought that doing a blog post on our adventure in Iceland was the right thing to do.

Continue reading “[Guest Series] 7 Days in Iceland:Meet Philipp & Helena + 8 Tips For Planning Your Trip on the Ring Road”

Greetings from Melbourne (Finally!)

Beautiful Melbourne from across the bay
Beautiful Melbourne from across the bay (super low-quality photo thanks to crappy cell phone zooming!)

Well, in my last post I did say I needed a break – and here I am 2 months later finally getting close to feeling myself again. Continue reading “Greetings from Melbourne (Finally!)”

I Graduated! Where I’m Moving Next

My cheering section on that happy day
My cheering section on that happy day

I did it!

To be honest, it hasn’t really sunk in yet. Graduate school is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The combination of an extremely rigorous course load and my incompatibility with New York City did not look great on me. Continue reading “I Graduated! Where I’m Moving Next”