How has 5 months gone by so quickly?? 5 months with no new content on this blog. It turns out moving and getting to a know a new job, city, and country takes a lot out of you.

2016 was a rollercoaster year, filled with many low lows and even more high highs. It’s the year I finished grad school – but also the year Tom and I had to spend our longest stint apart (we weren’t able to see each other from New Years Day until mid-May). Those months were also my last and most challenging at Columbia, which made graduation day with my whole family (Tom included!) all the sweeter.

Immediately after graduating I packed my bags and took Tom and some of our good friends for a celebratory trip to Disney World. Then I enjoyed a month at home tying up loose ends and preparing for my biggest move yet – Australia. At the end of June I traveled 10,000 miles to finally settle with Tom in Melbourne.

July to November was a blur – it turns out it takes a lot of work to settle! Moving and furnishing a new apartment took up a lot of the spare time I may have otherwise dedicated to this blog. Tom and I went on several exploratory adventures both in Melbourne and on nearby public lands (stories coming soon!) – my favorite being a weekend backpacking trip in beautiful Wilson’s Promontory National Park. In addition to moving and exploring, I was also working as a relief teacher (or a substitute teacher, as we call them in the States) – a job that forced me to learn quickly but also utterly exhausted me – especially during the last few months of the year when work was not as easy to come by and I had to wake up every morning unsure of where I was going or if I would even have a job that day.


At the end of November I returned back to the States for a brief Thanksgiving with my family – which included a layover in Colorado to visit with my best friends and say hello to the mountains. It was a brief but refreshing sojourn.

And then, just a few weeks later, my parents arrived in Australia for the holidays. We toured Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road, before heading to New Zealand to spend Christmas with Tom’s family.

And here I am again, a whole year gone and no corny slideshow to show for it! Well single reader, I couldn’t allow that. For those who have been with me through the years, here’s my once bi-annual, now just annual slideshow for 2016. Since I created my 2015 slideshow early in December, I included photos from last December’s New Zealand adventures as well. Watch through the end for the most special life update. 🙂

Did you catch my very exciting news? I’ll be writing more on that later. In the meantime, happy 2017 single reader!

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