Ometepe: The Budget Buster


I was on the last leg of my time in Nicaragua, and getting worried that I was running out of days for a visit to the place I had heard the most glowing reviews of from other travelers in the area: Ometepe. Continue reading “Ometepe: The Budget Buster”

Paradise on Earth: Morgan’s Rock Hacienda & Ecolodge


Pina Colada in hand, I lay my head back in the hammock of our private cabana on a nearly deserted stretch of crystal water and white sand. Continue reading “Paradise on Earth: Morgan’s Rock Hacienda & Ecolodge”

Visiting with the Volcan Masaya


It was a few days before Thanksgiving, and my family had just arrived in Nicaragua. Continue reading “Visiting with the Volcan Masaya”

San Juan del Sur & Playa Maderas


To be fair, I kind of knew I wouldn’t like San Juan del Sur before I ever made plans to visit. Continue reading “San Juan del Sur & Playa Maderas”

Death of a Camera


Like most days in Granada, it was hot. Continue reading “Death of a Camera”

Surfing Turtle Lodge: Worth The Trip


So… I went to the beach during a tsunami warning.

Sorry Mom. Continue reading “Surfing Turtle Lodge: Worth The Trip”

The Good and the Bad at the Treehouse Poste Rojo

Edit: I have been contacted in the comments by a new owner, and a quick look at the website confirms that the treehouse has been redone. So consider this review a story of the past. Have you been to the new and improved Poste Rojo?? If you have, let me know how it was in the comments!  – Mariana

“!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DISCLAIMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our guests are generally people who enjoy a rustic environment. We attract a young crowd or at least the young at heart. Our guest love the animals and insects you encounter. Our guests don’t mind a bat flying through the dorm or a group of monkeys howling in the morning. (actual TripAdvisor complaints) Our guest understand the limitations of a treehouse in the jungle and seek out the wonders that staying here offers.. If you are too unhealthy, lazy or pristine to climb 150 m or don’t enjoy being around great people, great views and animals in a natural environment. PLEASE stay at one of Nicaragua’s fine hotels with room service and A/C. We look forward to meeting the rest of you!”
Continue reading “The Good and the Bad at the Treehouse Poste Rojo”

Photos of Life at Escuela Pablo Antonio Cuadra


Growing up in Florida, I didn’t get snow days. Continue reading “Photos of Life at Escuela Pablo Antonio Cuadra”

Floating in a Volcanic Crater: Laguna de Apoyo


It was difficult, as I lay floating in the crystal blue water, to imagine such a violent event had created such a peaceful place. Continue reading “Floating in a Volcanic Crater: Laguna de Apoyo”

Climbing a Volcano and Flying Back Down: Volcano Boarding on Cerro Negro


Volcano boarding is something I knew I would do when I came to Leon. Continue reading “Climbing a Volcano and Flying Back Down: Volcano Boarding on Cerro Negro”