Flor de Cana Factory Tour


The last time I was in the Dominican Republic, my wise grandmother taught me a very important truth: rum cures all things. Continue reading “Flor de Cana Factory Tour”

Views from the Roof of La Basilica de la Assuncion

This is La Basilica de la Assuncion:


You might remember it as the striking catedral that dominates the parque central as I mentioned in my first post about Leon. Continue reading “Views from the Roof of La Basilica de la Assuncion”

The Baby on the Bus

It was only my second ride on a chicken bus. Continue reading “The Baby on the Bus”

Day 1 in Leon


You guys! I’m in Nicaragua! And it’s amazing! Continue reading “Day 1 in Leon”

How This Summer Resolved My Quarter-Life Crisis


I walked into the gym on my very first day with the Boys & Girls Club to find near chaos. Continue reading “How This Summer Resolved My Quarter-Life Crisis”

Farewell Colorado

IMG_20140813_092119_466Eagle help my feet to fly

Mountain help my heart be great

Spirits of the Earth and Sky

Please don’t let it be too late. Continue reading “Farewell Colorado”