The Good and the Bad at the Treehouse Poste Rojo

Edit: I have been contacted in the comments by a new owner, and a quick look at the website confirms that the treehouse has been redone. So consider this review a story of the past. Have you been to the new and improved Poste Rojo?? If you have, let me know how it was in the comments!  – Mariana

“!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DISCLAIMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our guests are generally people who enjoy a rustic environment. We attract a young crowd or at least the young at heart. Our guest love the animals and insects you encounter. Our guests don’t mind a bat flying through the dorm or a group of monkeys howling in the morning. (actual TripAdvisor complaints) Our guest understand the limitations of a treehouse in the jungle and seek out the wonders that staying here offers.. If you are too unhealthy, lazy or pristine to climb 150 m or don’t enjoy being around great people, great views and animals in a natural environment. PLEASE stay at one of Nicaragua’s fine hotels with room service and A/C. We look forward to meeting the rest of you!”
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