Death of a Camera


Like most days in Granada, it was hot. We friends set out to cool ourselves in a familiar place, and not long after our arrival the sky opened up. The drizzle was warm, as was the water, as I watched the rain drops turn the glass lake into diamonds. I was offered a tube, I grabbed my camera and, laying my head back into the water, held to the back of a moving kayak.

Later I would find that the waterproof latch on my camera was not quite closed.

The last photo.
The last photo.

3 thoughts on “Death of a Camera

  1. Then what happened? You have raised the tension in the story but we are left hanging? How did the camera die? Did it suffer? What extraordinary lengths did you go to try to save its life? Did it have any last words? Pleeeeaaasseee – I have to know!!!!!! 😉

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