Back to the Canyonlands

NOTE: The next few posts were written a few days ago when I was without internet. Sorry in advance for those of you who get these posts via email and are about to be bombarded.

3/27/11 – 8:15am

Horrah! I am back at Canyonlands! Words cannot describe how good it feels. This morning as soon as I woke up I ran to the window to soak in my first look. And there she was, exactly as I had remembered, greeting me with another glorious day. It even smells the same. Oh happy day!

By the time I got to the road that leads to the park last night it was pitch dark and raining, so I couldn’t see a thing. It was a very strange feeling to be driving the road like that, as it seemed so familiar and strangely foreign at the same time. I recognized the curves in the road just well enough not to anticipate them and spent the entire time trying to imagine what the view really looked like through the dark. I have to admit I was a little disappointed when I pulled into the housing area. Even though it was late I half-expected to see a group out on a porch or around the campfire as was common in my summer days here. But alas, lights were on but curtains were pulled. All was quiet this Saturday night. Not that I could really blame them – it was after all about 35 degrees and raining.

Now I am sitting in my pajamas in Austin’s living room, reintroducing myself to the glories of government housing (no cable, no internet… I will post this entry sometime later when I can get myself to the library… oh and did I mention a faulty fire alarm that went off in the middle of the night? It’s so good to be back!), waiting for the sun to burn off the chilly air so I can go unpack my car. Even while I write this my eyes are still glued to the window. It’s early still, and pretty quiet, but every car I see come through the entrance station gives me a little rush of joy. Every movement in the grass, every bird in the air, every cloud and it’s changing light – I am just so happy to be back.

I’ve seen some friends from my window too. I am especially curious to see the unfamiliar faces. About half the staff is different from when I left in the fall. So far I have only seen two people meandering about, and both times it took everything I had not to run out and greet them with a big hug. But it’s cold outside and my clothes are in my car. I’ll save our reunion for later when I am freshly showered and neatly pressed. My eyes are especially drawn to the door of my old trailer, right next door to Austin and I’s new (much nicer) humble abode. I am curious to see who is sleeping in my old room and wearing my old uniform. So far, no one has emerged.

A chipmunk just scampered onto the deck. He is tiny. And adorable. AH TO BE BACK!!

My first view of the backyard, as seen through the blinds of the bedroom window.

One thought on “Back to the Canyonlands

  1. Nana I feel so close to your heart when I read you….even closer than when I can hug you and see your pretty face….I love you so much my first granchild…and also I am so proud of you!

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