121 Miles to Santiago

First of all, many thanks to everyone who commented on my last post. Reading your words made me feel so much better about everything and made me feel closer to each and every one of you. You´re the best.

And now for some updates… Continue reading “121 Miles to Santiago”

162 Miles to Santiago


Murias de Rechivaldo

162 Miles to Santiago

I didn´t walk as far as I wanted to today. I couldn´t. Not because of pain, which is good and I am happy for. But because I was not in the right mindset. Continue reading “162 Miles to Santiago”

170 Miles to Santiago



311 Miles to Santiago

Last night continued stiffly and awkward but pleasant enough – mostly due to the company of Troy and another young American girl starting her camino today. Still, I was happy to leave that strange, strange place. Troy and I wandered around the city and checked out the cathedral before checking into another albuergue – this time in the city center. It didn´t take long before our friends arrived.  Turns out they went to the weird place and when they found out we had left they immediately turned around and came here. I know this isn´t in the spirit of the camino, but it did give me a bit of satisfaction to know these people were loosing business thanks to their own bad business practices (not to mention general unkindness). Continue reading “170 Miles to Santiago”

311 Miles to Santiago

Once again, lots to catch up on…



416 miles to Santiago

The albuergue I´m staying in tonight has 3-tiered bunkbeds.

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406 Miles to Santiago



419 miles to Santiago (still)

Everything happens for a reason! And although my ankle issues sure were painful, because of them I got to spend 2 days in BEAUTIFUL San Sebastian –  a town I would have totally missed otherwise. It´s a gorgeous city set in very dramatic northeast Spain right on the ocean and even with my injuries thanks to my gracious hosts I was able to experience enough to know I´m so glad to have seen it and need to go back. Continue reading “406 Miles to Santiago”

My Camino

San Sebastian

Well, I went to the doctor yesterday and it was exactly what I feared – achilles tendinitis. He said no walking at all for 2-4 days and suggested I take a bus to Santiago. Between my bad spanish and his bad english I was pretty sure he was telling me my camino was over. Yesterday was filled with lots of tears. I felt totally hopeless. But friends and family and lots of total strangers came together and lifted me up and now I am resting at a family friend´s house on a balcony overlooking beautiful San Sebastian with my feet up and iced and the sweetest dog I´ve ever met at my side. It´s a long story how I got here but the important thing is that I´m okay and feeling much better. Continue reading “My Camino”

419 Miles to Santiago

Lots to catch up on! Here we go…


Pamplona continued…

Tonight was amazing! Palmplona is a magical city and I only wish I could have stayed longer. I went to the cathedral this afternoon and had my first spiritual experience of the Camino. Upon entering I was so overwhelmed with the beauty of the place I almost cried. I walked through the cloisters and chapels and said a prayer for my family and felt as pure and happy as I had for a while. Continue reading “419 Miles to Santiago”

442 Miles to Santiago

Greetings from Pamplona! What a day!

The morning was a beautiful walk through the forest. This entire region of Navarre reminds me a bit of Robin Hood. I had a lunch of fresh chorizo and bread next to a medevil bridge crossing a wide shallow stream. Continue reading “442 Miles to Santiago”

458 Miles to Santiago

Hi all! Sorry about the crummy post yesterday, but I find it hard to concentrate enough to write anything worth anything with 10 people waiting to use the computer. I have been keeping a little journal though, and I´ll do my best to post those thoughts on here when I get the chance, which I do right now! So here we go: Continue reading “458 Miles to Santiago”

Made it to Roncesvalles!

Alright have to make this quick because I only have five minutes left on the internet!

Today was my first day walking and WOWZA was it a doozy. I am glad though to have it overwith. The whole getting to St Jean Pied de Port thing was kind of a nightmare (I lost my debit card already!), so I was excited to just get going. But boy did this trail kick my but. Everything hurts. But  I am clean and safe. And hungry.

Sorry this post was so dull but I am way too pooped (and poor! 4 minutes left!) to write a detailed account. I´ll get around to it some day. And if I don´t, I took lots of awesome photos. It was a beautiful hike.

Tomorrow I go to Zubiri! (I think)

Tonight I EAT!