442 Miles to Santiago

Greetings from Pamplona! What a day!

The morning was a beautiful walk through the forest. This entire region of Navarre reminds me a bit of Robin Hood. I had a lunch of fresh chorizo and bread next to a medevil bridge crossing a wide shallow stream.

I made lots of new friends today. People here are wonderful. And I met my first Americans! They are a couple from Alaska – the man is an orthepedic surgeon and gave me some tips for my poor (still blistered) feet. My bedmates in the hostel tonight are also great. We´re in blocks of 4 and they are 2 sisters and a husband from England. They called me ´a very competent young lady´for doing the trek on my own.

This afternoon was a bit rough. The trail was diverted due to construction and the new way probably added a good 6 or 7 kilometers. It was all flat but almost the whole thing went along an industrial park. It was hot and ugly. But it made getting into Pamplona that much more magical. From what I´ve seen so far it is a bright, beautiful, colorful city. I´ll write more once I´ve explored a bit.

Which is what I´m off to do now!

Buen Camino!

2 thoughts on “442 Miles to Santiago

  1. Nana how happy I am! your “body”is getting the message! yesterday I receive such a beautiful flowers bouquet cant belive how thoughtfulI you are! I see you every second of the day. See, you not only are in my prayers, but I see you in the flowers to!

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