Made it to Roncesvalles!

Alright have to make this quick because I only have five minutes left on the internet!

Today was my first day walking and WOWZA was it a doozy. I am glad though to have it overwith. The whole getting to St Jean Pied de Port thing was kind of a nightmare (I lost my debit card already!), so I was excited to just get going. But boy did this trail kick my but. Everything hurts. But  I am clean and safe. And hungry.

Sorry this post was so dull but I am way too pooped (and poor! 4 minutes left!) to write a detailed account. I´ll get around to it some day. And if I don´t, I took lots of awesome photos. It was a beautiful hike.

Tomorrow I go to Zubiri! (I think)

Tonight I EAT!

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