406 Miles to Santiago



419 miles to Santiago (still)

Everything happens for a reason! And although my ankle issues sure were painful, because of them I got to spend 2 days in BEAUTIFUL San Sebastian –  a town I would have totally missed otherwise. It´s a gorgeous city set in very dramatic northeast Spain right on the ocean and even with my injuries thanks to my gracious hosts I was able to experience enough to know I´m so glad to have seen it and need to go back.

In any case after 2 days of relaxing I returned to Estella this morning and hope to start walking again first thing in the morning. I´m feeling much better and went to the pharmacy today to stock up on preventative supplies to ensure this doesn´t happen again. I even found a 4 star hotel with a special pilgrim´s price that really was a total steal! So now I´m finding myself very comfortable with a totally renewed spirit and up for the challenge that will be tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Los Arcos

406 miles to Santiago

I made it! And it didn´t even hurt very bad! Wohoo!

Today was probably my favorite day of walking so far. Maybe it was because I was so ecstatic to be walking at all, but also the views were stunning the entire way.

Originally I had planned to walk only to Monjardin – about 9 km – today. But I was in the town by 10:30am, nothing was open, and I was still feeling strong. So I decided to continue on to the next town – Los Arcos – which was 11 kms away. It was a hot but beautiful afternoon. I went slow and stopped a lot to massage my feet and ankles and somehow managed to be one of the first at the albuergue. I´m feeling really good and happy. I´m just a little bit sad that all the people I met in my first week are a good 4 days ahead now. But I´ve already met some great new people and I´m sure it will be easy to find dinnermates tonight.

Off to find FOOD!

3 thoughts on “406 Miles to Santiago

  1. Well, you are not supposed to scare me. I am very glad that you are well and thankful to the Iñaquis that gave you cover. Just don’t over do it and more important, go with a group of people, do not go alone at any time. I love you and wish you God speed.

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