Winter & Spring

Well, my car is packed, and the only thing keeping me from moving to Mesa Verde at this moment is my own procrastination. This is why I figured now would be the perfect time to put together my annual seasonal slideshow. Enjoy!

Fabulous Fall

Well single reader, I have been neglecting this blog pretty severely since my arrival in Santiago. A lot has happened since then – a mind boggling week in Madrid, a magical 4 days in Disney World, my 23rd birthday, a big fat Thanksgiving, lots of reunions, showing A and his family around Florida, and plenty of R&R for my poor pained feet.

Now I am back in Colorado and if the snow piling outside my window is any indication, fall is officially over.

It was such an amazing few months that I am having trouble organizing it all in my head. Maybe I’ll make an attempt at story-telling later, maybe not. But I have spent the last few snowed-in days creating my annual seasonal video.

So here it is, my best attempt at articulating my fabulous fall. Enjoy 🙂

Spring & Summer 2011

Well, I finished my season at Mesa Verde 11 days ago now, and moved back to Canyonlands that night. Since then I have been doing a lot of adventuring, some of which I hope to have the time to write about here. But between very limited internet access and being totally overwhelmed with preparations for the Camino, I’m afraid I’ll probably have to skip a few.

In any case, continuing with my tradition of photos set to music at the end of a season, here is my spring and summer for your enjoyment:

Fall and Winter

At the end of last summer I posted a short video with pictures set to music of my summer. I explained how making a commemorative slideshow at the end of each season is a little tradition I’ve had with myself since college. To see that post, click here.

I got lazy last fall and winter. But as lately I’ve found myself without television and internet and therefore much more time, I decided to combine the two seasons and keep my own tradition alive.



Well, it’s happened.

Labor day has come and gone, our German and French visitation numbers have plummeted, retirees and adventure-seekers have taken over the park, and I haven’t sweat in three days.

Fall is here. Continue reading “Fall”

YouTube Fun

A few months ago YouTube ran a joint campaign with google called ‘Search Stories,’ where you could create your own ‘search’ themed commercial like the ones Google was airing. Mine seems especially appropriate now even more than it did when I created it in May. Watch it below: