Happy Holidays from AUSTRALIA!


Greetings from sunny Melbourne!

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Update: Grad School Life, Writing Without Moving, and My Next Big Travel Adventure!


Things have been pretty quiet here on the blog lately – but not for lack of activity in my own life. Continue reading “Update: Grad School Life, Writing Without Moving, and My Next Big Travel Adventure!”

Update: Life in New York City as a Highly Sensitive Person

Acting very cool in my empty NYC apartment the day I moved in (yes, this picture shows nearly all of it)

I’m not going to lie, the last five months have been rough. Continue reading “Update: Life in New York City as a Highly Sensitive Person”

How This Summer Resolved My Quarter-Life Crisis


I walked into the gym on my very first day with the Boys & Girls Club to find near chaos. Continue reading “How This Summer Resolved My Quarter-Life Crisis”

Moved In and Looking Back: It All Worked Out

Sunset view from our cabin inside Rocky Mountain National Park

My flight from Florida back to Colorado left at a painfully early hour, and after a long flight and a longer drive from the airport, I arrived at Austin and I’s mountainside cabin completely and utterly exhausted. Continue reading “Moved In and Looking Back: It All Worked Out”

Where’s Mariana Moving Next? What I’ve Been Up To


Never in my life have I gone so long without a plan. Continue reading “Where’s Mariana Moving Next? What I’ve Been Up To”

Update: Mountain Life & OH YEAH I’M GOING TO JAPAN!

Train tickets? Check!
Train tickets? Check!

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Update: Healing and Housing and Snow

Once again, it’s been quite a while since my last update. I think I was waiting for some big news or event. The truth is that life has been pretty quiet since the November festivities died down. My days have more or less revolved around two things: healing my very stubborn feet and ankles, and trying to find a place to live for the season. Continue reading “Update: Healing and Housing and Snow”

Looking Forward

Well, I’m just over half-way through my stay here in the mountains, and I’ve been sending out a LOT of applications in hopes of some solidarity in employment for the months beyond April. Obviously my first choice would be to go back and work for the Park Service, but I am also really missing Moab, and have put out a few applications for rafting guide jobs in that area. My last resort at this point, I think, would be to try and get a job in a shop or restaurant in Moab. But I rather be doing something relevant to the careers I’m considering, so I’d like to stay in the area of guiding/rangering. But I guess it will all depend on the choices I end up with. Continue reading “Looking Forward”