Is Flying Economy Comfort Really Worth It?

IMG_20140217_122633Being cramped into uncomfortably tight spaces is a reality of flying – especially for those of us not moneyed enough to afford a first class ticket. Continue reading “Is Flying Economy Comfort Really Worth It?”

My First Negative Visitor Comment Card (Thank You for Your Sunshine)


Not including private notes, my first season at Mesa Verde I received eight positive visitor comments on an official comment form available at the front desk of most of Mesa Verde’s public buildings. Continue reading “My First Negative Visitor Comment Card (Thank You for Your Sunshine)”

La Romana Hotel Review: Casa de Campo

When I was a kid, I spent many summer weeks in this sprawling resort project in the southeast portion of the country. A few days ago we went to visit family who were staying here and I got to revisit some old haunts. Continue reading “La Romana Hotel Review: Casa de Campo”

Dominican Service

During my time in the Dominican Republic I have come to learn that Dominicans are a beautiful, happy, incredibly friendly people. Everyone waves, everyone says hello, and everyone smiles. This makes me feel cheerful and at home and, although my surroundings and the people themselves do look remarkably different, not so far away from my beautiful American southwest. Continue reading “Dominican Service”