An Ode to Kitty


One night early on in our stay at our secret place, we found our post-dinner drink interrupted by a loud meow. Continue reading “An Ode to Kitty”

Video Blog: Mezcal

Forgive the awkwardness, I’m no good on camera. But when Austin and I were presented with that Coca-Cola bottle, I knew I wanted to document the experience.

For the record, we survived the entire bottle. In fact, that has turned out to be some of the best mezcal we have tried so far on our trip! It just goes to show, you can’t judge a book…

The #1 Danger of Travel


When I started telling my friends and family I was going to walk the Camino de Santiago solo, I got a lot of raised eyebrows. Continue reading “The #1 Danger of Travel”

The Mexican Pacific: A Different Kind of Water (Or, How I Got My @** Kicked and Learned Some F***ing Respect)


I have always considered myself a good swimmer. Continue reading “The Mexican Pacific: A Different Kind of Water (Or, How I Got My @** Kicked and Learned Some F***ing Respect)”

My Problem With Hippie Culture in Mexico


**A note to you, single reader: What follows is a rant. It is my ventings on an issue I really know very little about. I have not bothered to educated myself on any perspective other than my own. The thoughts presented below are bias and based on nothing else but my, very possibly skewed, observations. If you came to this post because you have a strong opinion and/or knowledge-base of hippie culture in Mexico, don’t plan on enlightening yourself further here. I took fingers to keyboard on this issue because that’s what helps me process things that move or bother me. I post it here because, well, it’s my blog, and I make the assumption that most of the people who make their way here are interested in what I have to say. What this is all leading up to is this: if what follows offends you – sorry, but I’m not sorry.**
Continue reading “My Problem With Hippie Culture in Mexico”

The Secret Place


If you’re reading this post that must mean that I have found a good internet connection, and that it’s very likely Austin and I have ended our six week sojourn in our beautiful secret place on the Oaxacan coast. Continue reading “The Secret Place”

A Picture-less Post of a Picturesque Place

A week ago Austin and I arrived at the beautiful Oaxacan coast. We have found ourselves becoming quite comfortable in a small town nestled amongst the rocks of the Pacific. This particular town (whose name I shall not share, as I promised the person who shared it with me that I’d never tell a soul, or at least not write about it on the internet) has only a single street running through it, and only a few small tiendas from which to buy food. Continue reading “A Picture-less Post of a Picturesque Place”

So I Had a Bad Day


**WARNING: Some portions of this post may be a little TMI. If you are sensitive to bathroom-related offenses I suggest you stop reading here**

At ten o’clock in the evening, Austin and I boarded an overnight, 12-hour bus to the Oaxacan coast. I didn’t go into the situation expecting complete comfort, but the next 24 hours were so comically unlucky, that I just had to write about it. Continue reading “So I Had a Bad Day”

The Darker Side of San Cristobal


I loved San Cristobal, but I wouldn’t be being honest if I didn’t at least mention the darker side of the history of this place and the situation that has resulted. Because unlike many other places with blemishes in their past, it’s almost impossible not to be faced with the realities of this dark side during a visit to San Cristobal. Continue reading “The Darker Side of San Cristobal”

Keeping Warm in San Cristobal de las Casas


This is going to sound strange, but upon our evening arrival to the mountain town of San Cristobal de las Casas, all I could think about was my doctor’s receptionist. Continue reading “Keeping Warm in San Cristobal de las Casas”