My Problem With Hippie Culture in Mexico


**A note to you, single reader: What follows is a rant. It is my ventings on an issue I really know very little about. I have not bothered to educated myself on any perspective other than my own. The thoughts presented below are bias and based on nothing else but my, very possibly skewed, observations. If you came to this post because you have a strong opinion and/or knowledge-base of hippie culture in Mexico, don’t plan on enlightening yourself further here. I took fingers to keyboard on this issue because that’s what helps me process things that move or bother me. I post it here because, well, it’s my blog, and I make the assumption that most of the people who make their way here are interested in what I have to say. What this is all leading up to is this: if what follows offends you – sorry, but I’m not sorry.**
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