The Great Buddha of Todai-ji


After spending almost a week in Kyoto, mom and I started jumping on trains for day trips to nearby cities. Continue reading “The Great Buddha of Todai-ji”

Fushimi Inari-taisha – We Are All the Same


Visiting the Fushimi Inari-taisha was on the top of my must-see list in Kyoto. Continue reading “Fushimi Inari-taisha – We Are All the Same”

Classic Kyoto Streets


Alright, I’m just going to say it: most of the cities we visited in Japan were ugly. Continue reading “Classic Kyoto Streets”

My Favorite Kyoto Temples

The entrance to Kiyomizu-dera Temple

According to Wikipedia, about 20% of Japan’s National Treasures and 14% of the country’s Important Cultural Properties are located in Kyoto. Continue reading “My Favorite Kyoto Temples”

Preferring Tradition in Tokyo


The chorus of the Cee Lo Green song “Bright Lights Bigger City” was on repeat in my head as our bus carried us into Tokyo for the first time. Continue reading “Preferring Tradition in Tokyo”

Views from the Top


Sifting through the photos from our time in Japan, I started to notice a theme. Continue reading “Views from the Top”

The Japan Trip


Well single reader, after three weeks in Japan, I’m back at my home base tucked high in the Colorado Rockies. Continue reading “The Japan Trip”

Don’t Forget to Follow Me!

Guys! I’m in Japan! And having an AMAZING time! While I don’t plan on regular updates on this blog again until I’m home, I have been updating my Instagram and Twitter accounts with photos from the trip. You can check them out here and here.

Enjoy and sayonara 🙂


Japan trip 118

Update: Mountain Life & OH YEAH I’M GOING TO JAPAN!

Train tickets? Check!
Train tickets? Check!

Well hello single reader! How is your year going? Continue reading “Update: Mountain Life & OH YEAH I’M GOING TO JAPAN!”

Merry Christmas!


Man! Time sure does fly! Continue reading “Merry Christmas!”