Our New Zealand Celebration

Mandy Caldwell Photography-2

Alright single reader, I promise this is the last wedding-related post!

The challenge of Tom and my relationship has always been and will always be the distance. Even now that we are together it is a test to decide how to use our hard-earned dollars and vacation time. Do we visit my family or his? Where do we settle? How do we find a compromise when our loved ones are so spread out across the world? Continue reading “Our New Zealand Celebration”

International Family: One Day in DC


I consider myself a very fortunate child of several different worlds. Continue reading “International Family: One Day in DC”

Home Again & 50 Years

Well I am home from my amazing month in the Dominican Republic, but only for one short week before A & I head off to Mexico!

I still have a few more posts on my DR trip coming, but in the meantime I thought I’d share this video I made for my grandparents’ 50th anniversary, which we celebrated together with family during our visit.

Enjoy 🙂