Our New Zealand Celebration

Mandy Caldwell Photography-2

Alright single reader, I promise this is the last wedding-related post!

The challenge of Tom and my relationship has always been and will always be the distance. Even now that we are together it is a test to decide how to use our hard-earned dollars and vacation time. Do we visit my family or his? Where do we settle? How do we find a compromise when our loved ones are so spread out across the world?

We were so lucky to have so many of our loved ones travel to spend our wedding day with us in Colorado. Still, much of Tom’s family in New Zealand could not make it. As a result, we decided early on we’d have to have a second celebration in Tom’s hometown of Sumner.

Before the reception, we took some photos with the extremely gracious and talented Mandy of Mandy Caldwell photography in the hills behind Tom’s house. This is the same spot Tom proposed on Christmas Eve in 2016, so it was so special to return to commemorate our marriage there.



On March 31st, 2018 we took over the gorgeous new Sumner Surf Lifesaving Club on Sumner Beach for a celebration I’m still humbled by. Tom’s family and community rallied behind us to put on everything – from the food to the décor to the music to the old fashion photobooth. It was such a loving display of community.


A challenge it may be, but I know that I am a very lucky girl to get to call these people family and New Zealand home.

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