On Being Ready for Travel


I almost cried the first time I saw the house I was meant to live in for the majority of my time in Nicaragua. Continue reading “On Being Ready for Travel”

The Future of Mariana ‘On the Move’


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Photos of Life at Escuela Pablo Antonio Cuadra


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A + M 4E


(Yes, yes. This is a silly photo and this post was meant to be sarcastic.)

October 13th, 2011

Mazarife, Spain

Email between Austin and I during my time on the Camino de Santiago:

Mariana –

“There is graffiti all over the walls in this albuergue. My bunk feels a lot like summer camp. I sat for a while trying to think of something witty or meaningful to write on the wall. But I was too hungry to be poetic so instead I wrote ´Austin + Mariana 4Ever !!!!´ Now you can never dump me because our relationship has been immortalized as one that lasts forever on the bottom right bunk of room 3 in this albuergue. So there!”

Austin –

“M + A 4E.  Nice, you’re 12.”

We’d been dating a year and a half by that point. I was 22. Continue reading “A + M 4E”

To Teach or to do ‘Something More’?


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How This Summer Resolved My Quarter-Life Crisis


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Farewell Colorado

IMG_20140813_092119_466Eagle help my feet to fly

Mountain help my heart be great

Spirits of the Earth and Sky

Please don’t let it be too late. Continue reading “Farewell Colorado”

The Pros and Cons of Remote Cabin Living


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You Don’t Deserve Your National Parks


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Rising Waters


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