Happy Birthday Ita!

Okay, I’ll admit, it’s actually the 19th as a write this message. But as I will hopefully be on my first day walking the Camino and most likely unable to communicate directly with her, I thought I’d take advantage of the ‘schedule future post’ feature on this blog to say a little something about one of the most special people I know.

I call her Ita. Most people do. She is my grandmother, and probably my most loyal reader. 🙂 I know I don’t usually respond to your comments Ita, but I always read them and they make me so happy. I thought it was about time you got a post on here all about you.

Ita was probably the first person to introduce the outdoors to me. Growing up she would take my brother and I canoeing on the Weeki Wachee river and fishing at Bayport using last night’s leftovers as bait. Granted, I was a little more… um… delicate? (really the better word would be bratty) then I am these days, and probably never expressed the gratitude I always felt for those adventures. I think of them fondly all the time.

She’s also someone I look up to when I think about the person I want to be. I’m reading a book right now with a character that is said to make people ‘float.’ When I read that, I thought – that’s Ita! She envelops every person she knows in so much love that no matter your previous mood you find yourself feeling as light as air.  A year ago now when I made the decision to let go of my career-woman ambitions in order to pursue wilderness and adventure, a choice that came with that was the want to let go of negativity and simply be happy. I wanted to glow and float like my grandmother does, and I’ve learned since than the positive effect that has on other people.

Ita, I’m so sad not to be able to spend this happy day with you. But know that you are in my thoughts constantly. I love you. I am inspired by you. I can’t wait to see you when I come home.


For those of you not lucky enough to have this beautiful lady in your life, here’s one of my favorite photos

One thought on “Happy Birthday Ita!

  1. My adored Nana! Thank you for that beautiful message! I keep thinking of you in your path trough El Camino every second! La Mercedes is a very cherished veneration of the Holy Mother (Actually today they have a big celebration in Barcelona…I saw it in TV, since I have been watching even the weather as a way to follow you up..) and I was lucky to be born in this day….it is the Domican’s Patrona (Those that protect), together with the virgin Altagracia. So many of my friends always remember me….because of her; What a wonderful way to be remembered! I keep praying asking her to take your hand and help you find all your goals. You are a beautiful person that has broken the pattern of the society that only think of material things and forget the real important matters of life, you choose to find your happiness in nature, and I am sure there you fill find it!

    Nobody knows what the future reserve for us but I know that a very important thing in live are the memories and…. El Camino will be a great one.

    Thank you for this beatiful message that has reached the core of my heart,



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