Update: Grad School Life, Writing Without Moving, and My Next Big Travel Adventure!


Things have been pretty quiet here on the blog lately – but not for lack of activity in my own life. Continue reading “Update: Grad School Life, Writing Without Moving, and My Next Big Travel Adventure!”

The Future of Mariana ‘On the Move’


Watching the snow fall the last few days in Colorado has been bittersweet. Continue reading “The Future of Mariana ‘On the Move’”

My Favorite Spots in Rocky Mountain National Park


I haven’t written nearly enough about my amazing summer living in Rocky Mountain National Park and the exploring that afforded me. Continue reading “My Favorite Spots in Rocky Mountain National Park”

The Pros and Cons of Remote Cabin Living


It’s been months now that I’ve called Rocky Mountain National Park home, and much like Canyonlands and Mesa Verde, I’m finding this park to be incredibly beautiful, complex, thrilling, and full of unique challenges. Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Remote Cabin Living”

International Family: One Day in DC


I consider myself a very fortunate child of several different worlds. Continue reading “International Family: One Day in DC”

You Don’t Deserve Your National Parks


Yes, you read that right. Continue reading “You Don’t Deserve Your National Parks”

Rising Waters


Less than a year ago, many of the front range towns of northern Colorado found themselves under water. Continue reading “Rising Waters”

Balcony House by Moonlight


Of course the entire interpretive staff at Mesa Verde National Park was thrilled to be called back to work on October 17th – but maybe even a little more excited than we may have been otherwise. Continue reading “Balcony House by Moonlight”



Day 5 of the government shutdown started just the same as the other 4: absolutely, 100% beautiful. Continue reading “Furloughed”

Falling in Love with Silverton and the San Juans

The following post is a joint venture between Kaitlyn at Ranger Kaiti May and myself. While I wrote the blog, Kaitlyn took all the photos posted here. To see more of her work, please visit her blog or her professional photography website. You can read her version of the story here.


This past Sunday at Mesa Verde was a doozy. Continue reading “Falling in Love with Silverton and the San Juans”