Pictures of Popoyo


Well single reader, I have returned home from my great Nicaraguan adventure in one piece! I am currently enjoying the holiday season bundled up by the fireplace back in Colorado, but I’ve still got a few stories to tell of my time down south. And since we’ve been suffering especially cold weather this past week, now seems like a good time to reflect on warmer days.

Popoyo is one of many famous surf beaches on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, and it’s where I happened to enjoy one of my very favorite sunsets of the trip. Enjoy 🙂









3 thoughts on “Pictures of Popoyo

  1. Tks for the pictures. I’m planning a trip probably in January :-). Let me know if you have any special places that I should see. I’ll be with my 16 years old daughter! Find me on Facebook. Jacques Picard. From Quebec Canada :-).

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