Seasonal Slideshow & What’s Next


Well single reader, another season is over here at beautiful Mesa Verde National Park. It’s strange to think that already it’s been over six months since Austin and I got off the plane from Mexico. Since then we’ve climbed canyons and summited sand dunes, faced some challenges and explored new places. All in all I’m left content with the last six months, and so so excited for what’s to come.

So what is to come, anyway?

Confirmed plans include home to Florida for Thanksgiving, a trip to New Orleans on the way back to Colorado in early December, and a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas to celebrate my 25th birthday this month! Our tentative, longer-term plans revolve around spending the majority of the winter in Leadville, CO. Austin will be working part time as Ski Patrol and I’ll be working full-time as a ski bum. We’ll be engaged in some home improvement projects in the house we’re basically squatting in. We’ve also got plans for spring trips to the Grand Canyon and some major east coast cities (Boston-NY-DC-I’m coming for you!) in the works, and possibly some winter travel to a yet to be decided on destination.

For now though, I’m just reveling in the space between it all, and doing a little reflection on the past six months. You know what that means right? It’s seasonal slideshow time!



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