A Picture-less Post of a Picturesque Place

A week ago Austin and I arrived at the beautiful Oaxacan coast. We have found ourselves becoming quite comfortable in a small town nestled amongst the rocks of the Pacific. This particular town (whose name I shall not share, as I promised the person who shared it with me that I’d never tell a soul, or at least not write about it on the internet) has only a single street running through it, and only a few small tiendas from which to buy food.

Austin and I are currently shacked up in what you might call the penthouse suite, on the top floor of our hotel. We moved into the owner’s rooms yesterday thanks to Austin’s good relationship with a very kind manager.

Now I’m writing to you from a bed that could easily fit four, with my door open and a view of the crashing Pacific. Throughout our travels in Mexico (tomorrow will mark our four-week anniversary on the road), this is the first place I’ve really felt an urge to stay. In all of the beautiful places we’ve seen, I’ve always woken up some morning with the thought ‘Onwards!’ But not here. Here I’ve settled into a life so deliciously slow, so wonderfully hedonistic, that I’m finding myself dragging at the idea of another place. At packing my bag and moving once again. As Austin and I discussed over cheap, strong margaritas by the sea this afternoon, we’re just not ready to leave. It simply doesn’t seem likely that it could get any better than this.

On top of everything we’ve just discovered a deal that would include staying at the same place while paying only M$200 a night (roughly US$16, or US$8 per person) if we stay for a month. So stay we shall!

Staying in one place for an extended period will allow us to save a significant amount of money, especially since this place has a kitchen. We will then have this extra cash for the last segment of our trip through the central and northern regions of this beautiful, beautiful country. The one downside is that there is no internet connection at our hotel, and although there are a few cafes in town with wifi, none are strong enough to use to upload pictures.

And that is why this is a picture-less post, and why I may be going on a blogging hiatus soon. Because who reads blogs these days without pictures? And anyways, I am finding more and more that sometimes I am just not a good enough writer to convey the breathtaking beauty that a picture may capture. And I don’t want to present anything to you, single reader, which may not do the subject matter justice.

So until then, adios amigos!

5 thoughts on “A Picture-less Post of a Picturesque Place

  1. Keep writing!!! No Hiatus!!! We have a need to know and you have a responsibility to fulfill our dreams. 🙂

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