On an Island in the Sky

As you all know, the name of the district of Canyonlands I work in is the Island in the Sky district.

As not all of you may know, I managed to wrangle one of the rangers up here to give me guitar lessons this summer.

My teacher, Steve, wrote a song about life on the Island that I’m absolutely obsessed with. So much so that at our last lesson I made him sit down and play it for me so that I could record it. I have so many wonderful memories of listening to this song with the people I now consider great friends. My favorite probably took place at a superhero-themed birthday party, where Steve brought out his guitar to serenade us with our favorite tune. When the ‘you-oo-oo-oo-oo’ section came up, the birthday boy, blissfully drunk and clad in silver spandex, started singing along. Everyone soon followed, and I burst out laughing as I realized the hilarity of the situation: the situation being about 12 park rangers clad in spandex superhero outfits singing out of tune but in perfect unison. You had to be there.

So for your enjoyment, may I present to you: Island in the Sky, by Steve Kurtz.

(PS – most of the song is self-explanatory, except for a reference to ‘Maile and Choco meet us at the door’ – those are two dogs that belong to rangers up here. Alright, now enjoy.)

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